Stacks Image 162 is a project by advisory group "Karpushin and partners”, specially initiated for Finnish companies interested in entering the Russian market.

While developing this project, we had many conversations with Finnish entrepreneurs, and we were listening a lot. The main problems faced by the Finnish business in Russia turned out to be soluble, and to overcome them does not require sophisticated and expensive research. Here is what we've come to:
1. Finnish companies are not always aware of how much is the Russian market interested in them;
2. Finnish companies have a high marketing culture, but it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of various promotional and information channels - this is the culture gap. The same is sometimes true of behavioral strategies in public situations, and in the negotiations, as well as for descriptions of products and services offered by Finnish colleagues;
3. Finnish companies are experiencing problems with distinguishing a reliable supplier of goods and services from unfair companies. The same is sometimes true of fair market prices for all sorts of things;
4. Finnish companies have little trust in consulting, because it is either very expensive or does not explain its methods of work, referring to the «expertise» and «proprietary technology». Or both.

We can not say that we were pleased with what we had heard - we would like our neighbors to see in more opportunities for cooperation. However, we have seen in this situation a subject for work. We have tried to create a logical line of related marketing products that meet the following requirements:
1. Our marketing products must be useful even for companies that are only planning to work in Russia, and are in need of simple answers to simple questions;
2. The primary marketing products, which are the beginning for working with us, should cost not more than a few hundred euros;
3. Our products should be such that the Client understands how we will build our work on his task, and why he will get a practical outcome for little money;
4. If necessary, we must be ready not only to make surveys but also participate in the negotiations on the side of our Finnish Clients.

Here is the result. Welcome to Russia.